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Providing financial support when needed

Law Foundation-Queensland’s Benevolent Fund has a discretion to provide monetary assistance to QLS members, their families and dependents, in times of financial difficulty/stress.

Benevolent Fund

The Law Foundation-Queensland Benevolent Fund was established in 2007 to assist, at the discretion of the Board, QLS members in times of adversity, by providing financial assistance to a member, his or her family and dependents, who may be experiencing difficulty.

The difficulty may arise from any cause, and need not be practice or work related, eg. illness of the member or a member of his/her family, an accident, or any event which can lead to financial problems, which in turn can be the cause of stress and anxiety to the member.

Assistance is provided:

  • on a strictly confidential basis;
  • through a modest, but unsecured and interest free, short term loan;
  • to applicants approved by the Foundation.

Application may be made at any time to the Secretary, Queensland Law Foundation who will supply the necessary form of application.

Alternatively, the form of application may be downloaded from this website, completed and forwarded directly to the Secretary. In this case a covering letter should accompany the application, setting out details of the member's situation and needs, which have given rise to these circumstances.

Also available below is a copy of the Loan Agreement which any applicant will be required to complete.

The borrower is duty bound to act in good faith and to repay the loan as soon as he/she is in a position to do so.

The money repaid can then be used to assist other solicitors in times of need, so the Fund can continue.

Here's how we help solicitors every day…

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  • “The Foundation provided a six month interest free loan”

    In 2 cases, practitioners (one for himself and one for his wife) have been required to make plane trips to Brisbane to receive medical treatment. Both instances required repeated trips and each involved accommodation expenses.

    The Foundation provided a six month interest free loan to each of the practitioners to cover these expenses. These loans were duly repaid, which enabled the Foundation to continue to provide assistance to other practitioners in their time of need.

    If you would like to apply for the Benevolent Fund please contact our Secretary.

  • “She was in need of a stipulated amount for a short term”

    A suburban practitioner contacted the Foundation. She was in need of a stipulated amount for a short term. This was duly provided and successfully repaid by the practitioner.

    If you would like to apply for the Benevolent Fund please contact our Secretary.

Who to contact

Contact The Secretary, Queensland Law Foundation, for more details about our Benevolent Fund services:

T 07 3236 1249

M 0400 533 396

F 07 3054 0536


How it works

  1. Phone our Secretary (details above) to discuss your situation.
  2. Complete the Application Form and return it to our Secretary, complete with a covering letter setting out your circumstances.
  3. Your application is submitted to the Board for consideration and is held in strict confidence..
  4. If successful, you will be requested to complete a Loan Agreement.
  5. A cheque for the agreed amount is handed over to you at signing of the Agreement.