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Our advice and support is free and strictly confidential. Experienced practitioners and other professionals across Queensland are ready to help and support you.

Solicitor Helping Hand

The Helping Hand service provided by Queensland Law Foundation (the Foundation) opened on 1st August, 2008, and co-exists with the Solicitor Assist Hotline service.

At times, a QLS member practitioner may find he/she needs more help than just a phone call and that, in fact, he/she needs the assistance and support of an experienced legal or other professional in his/her office to assist with a particular problem.

The Foundation, through its project Solicitor Helping Hand, has established a panel of professionals to provide assistance in specialised areas and who are able, if necessary, to attend at the office of the QLS member practitioner, and work through any problems. These may include:

  • Difficulties with particular matter/s (file/s);
  • Accounting problems in connection with a member’s practice;
  • Practice management difficulties;

The Foundation may also provide assistance in areas concerning more personal problems eg. depression, alcohol/drug dependency, gambling etc.

The advice and assistance given is free and no fees are payable by the member. 100% solicitor/client confidentiality is assured.

Here's how we help solicitors every day…

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  • «A practitioner was having a one-off difficulty keeping up with his work load»

    Information was received by one of our Board members that a particular regional practitioner was having difficulties keeping up with his work load and consequently, matters were being left unattended and problems were beginning to escalate.

    The Foundation arranged, at no cost to the practitioner, for one of its panel members to attend at his office for 3 days, until control of the situation was regained.

    That practitioner has since continued under his own steam, and no further calls for assistance have been received.

    If you need a hand please go directly to our Secretary or contact one of our Hotline operators.

  • «A sole practitioner had had an accident»

    Information was received by the Secretary that a sole practitioner had had an accident, that he had been hospitalised with no one to look after the practice.

    The Foundation arranged for one of its panel members to attend at the practice until more permanent arrangements could be made to have a qualified practitioner keep the practice open until the return of the owner.

  • «Paralyzed by stress»

    Information was received of a regional sole practitioner who had become “paralysed by stress” and that certain matters were requiring urgent attention.

    The Foundation supplied a panel member to attend at the office of the practitioner to work through the files, and also arranged and paid for Counselling for the practitioner to provide a long lasting form of assistance.

Who to contact

The Solicitor Helping Hand project is accessed through:

The Secretary

Queensland Law Foundation

T 07 3236 1249

M 0400 533 396


Martin Conroy

Family Law, Property, Wills and Estates, Trusts and Office Management

M 0458 001 630

E martin.conroy

David Phipps

Property, Business, Wills and Estates, Trusts and Office Management

M 0458 001 631

E david.phipps