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Solicitor Assist

The Foundation’s Board has acknowledged the personal and practical difficulties experienced by a number of solicitors in recent years.

It has come to the attention of the Board that some solicitors unfortunately face health and/or personal difficulties, including serious illness of the practitioner or of a family member etc. In consequence, solicitors often experience difficulties within their practice.

The Foundation has established programs to provide on the spot advice, via a telephone hotline service, as well as hands on, in your own office, assistance to members of the QLS free of charge.

Confidentiality is assured, with the Solicitor Assist services being provided by practicing solicitors to QLS members on a Solicitor/Client basis. Other service providers (eg, accountants, practice managers, etc), assisting as part of this project, similarly operate under strict confidentiality arrangements.

The Foundation may also provide short term, interest free financial assistance in approved situations through its Benevolent Fund.

The services provided by these programs are:

Solicitor Hotline

Solicitor Hotline

The Hotline is a telephone advisory service which operates, so far as is practicable, 24/7 (free service).

It is manned by two (2) experienced Queensland practitioners, who have each operated in private practice in Queensland for more than 30 years, and who fully understand the day to day difficulties which arise in running a practice and attending clients’ needs.

Solicitor Helping Hand

Solicitor Helping Hand

In the event that a phone call is not enough, and in-depth specialist advice is required, or if there is a need for support to address difficulties arising in the course of practice, the Foundation has established the Solicitors’ Helping Hand Panel (free service).

This panel comprises experienced practitioners who are willing to assist in this role and come to your office for this purpose (free service).

Benevolent Fund

Benevolent Fund

In addition to the Hotline and the Helping Hand projects, we have also established a Benevolent Fund, to assist practitioner members of the QLS, their families and dependents, in times of financial difficulty/stress.

Financial difficulties could arise from a range of circumstances, not necessarily from a practice related issue, for example, serious illness or an accident.

Who to contact

Contact the Foundation's Secretary for more details about any of our Solicitor Assist services through any of the following means:

T 07 3236 1249

M 0400 533 396

F 07 3054 0536